Website and Marketing Graphic Design for Your Growing Business

Nanette Castiglione Mattox

I am Nanette Mattox, owner of Castiglione  [käs-tēl-`yō-nā] Creative.

As a professional graphic designer, digital illustrator, art director and marketing specialist, I strive to create outstanding marketing solutions for every client I serve. My services include print marketing design as well as logo and branding design, advertising, website design, social media graphics and email communications design. I enjoy working closely with clients, learning their needs and guiding them through the entire process of design and marketing by leveraging my graphic arts experience, visual design knowledge, originality and keeping up with current marketing trends, in order to increase their exposure, sales and overall success.

I have enjoyed 30 years of graphic and advertising design experience working with online and catalog marketers like The Company Store and Domestications as well as some of the country’s largest retail department stores including Macy’s, Filene’s, Filene’s Basement and Mervyn’s. I have worked as an art director at a New York City design agency, a full service printing company, and directed fashion and home-products photography. Through ongoing training, I take pride in staying in touch with the newest trends in technology and design, meeting deadlines, being a team player and delivering work always within budget.

I particularly enjoy working with medium-sized businesses, both established and new startups, that recognize the importance of making an emotional connection through strong brand identity and having a powerful online presence to stay ahead of the competition, grow their business and achieve success and profit.

I moved to North Carolina from New Jersey in 2008 and now live in Cary, North Carolina, where I enjoy life with my husband Keith, teenaged son Evan and our canine best friend Max.